Friday, 10 January 2014

My 'Not a New Years resolution'

Well they say, New Years resolutions don't last so this isn't going to be one hehe, however I do want to set myself some goals for the new year, so here goes.

Firstly, whilst I can't quite bring myself to delete my Facebook account (I truly am worried I will discover I have no real friends if I do hehe) I am refusing to install it on my new phone, surely I can live without it when I am not at home, I may even remove it from my iPad to reduce my wasted time on there.

I also plan on getting my life more organised, this last year with a new baby has taken more out of me than I care to admit and I feel like I have been doing just enough to get through the days, I feel like a fog is lifting (how cliche of me), I really feel motivated to get my life back on track and find some peace.

As part of this new found organisation, I also want to continue my new found opportunity of cake decorating and try and turn it into a part-time income.  I want to explore more baking in general and ensure it is time I can share with my children.

Lastly I am setting myself some sewing goals.  this year I want to commit to making 15 things.  This may not seems like a lot but for me it is, just over one a month is a realistic goal, anything more and I set myself up for failure.

So for now these are my goals, they may change or grow as the year progresses but this is my starting point and I hope to share them all with you.

Happy New Year
(Hoping to be the Non-procrastinator from now on)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sew Liberated Tunic Top

I finally got around to making something for myself a few weeks ago.  I don't know about you, but I always seem to sew for the kids and leave fabric for me sitting at the bottom of my stash.  Perhaps it's because kids clothes are so easy to sew and I don't have to bother fitting them around lumps and bumps that one gets after growing 2 humans inside one's body!

I have had the Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic pattern waiting to be used since I visited Suz a few months ago. The fabric I have had for over 12 months.  Bring the two together and you get this....

I think this pattern is going to become one of my favourites.  It was simple to make and came together pretty quick.  It actually looks quite good on too.  I did try to get my 4yr old to take a photo of me wearing it but somehow in each photo, at least one of my appendages was missing!

What have you sewn for yourself lately?  I'd love to see some of your creations, so if you have a blog or photo sharing account feel free to comment with the address so I can have a look.

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

While the boys were away.....

I had a to do list a mile long.

I decided that while my boys were away camping, they could only do 5 days this year due to Jacks foot infection, that I would do some things I have wanted to do for awhile.

I made a swoon block.
Now I had no intention to make this into a whole quilt but I actually enjoyed making this block so I may make a few more, even if it is just a lap quilt size.
I also folded a huge bundle of fabric. I love folding and touching my fabric, that isn't wrong is it?
Oh and look at my lovely Mendocino pile, oh how I love this fabric.  I haven't got the complete range but I came across these at work and paid next to nothing.  I was one happy little camper I can tell you.
I got going on my sons quilt as well but pics of that will have to wait, it's looking amazing so far and an easy pattern as well.
I also covered an old office chair for him with some cool fabric from spotlight.  I was going to take a trip to IKEA for some fabric but i decided to just go with this London one.  Since I am doing our family tree i thought it was quite fitting because our families came from all over the British Islands including London.
I have another million projects on the go at the moment and Christmas is fast approaching so I should have some more projects I have been working on soon.

SUZ xxxxxx

Monday, 1 October 2012

Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

After Suz told me how yummy these sausage rolls were on the blog Retro Mummy, I had to give them a try.  I don't have a fancy thermomix or the cheaper Bellini version so I just used my food processor.  I have to say I was very impressed. These are super yummy and both the kids and Mr. D loved them too.  Even if you're not into vegetarian food, these are a must for any recipe folder.

Team them with a fresh salad and some fruit chutney and you have a super delicious meal.

I actually ran out of pastry the second time I made these so I used the left over mix as a coating on some chicken.  Yum!  Clearly it defeats the whole vegetarian angle but it was super yummy.

Go and check out the recipe and have a try yourself.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Happy Cooking!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Family Sunday

On Sunday, Mr. D and I decided to go for a short drive to the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens.  I had heard the playground there was fantastic since a recent redevelopment and I wanted to have a look and check it out for myself.  I must say, I was more than a little impressed.  My phone photo's don't do it justice and they only show a few things on offer.  However, we will definitely be heading back there soon once this Spring weather decides to stay around for a bit longer.

I love the wooden carriages on the train.

Tree trunk stepping stones, what a great idea.

A fantastic cubby with it's own garden.

Perfect for playing shops.
Swinging together.

A quiet lunch before some exploring around the gardens.

Searching for Fairy houses.

Quiet creek running along the back of the gardens.

A trip to the park wouldn't be complete without throwing some rocks into the water.

Everyone had a great day and we finished it off with some delicious afternoon tea at Skydancers Garden, Gift and Cafe.  We will be doing this again soon, I'm sure.

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hospital- not a fun place to be

Well I am excited to say that it is school holidays here in Sunny Sydney and even more excited because my son (Mr 11) has just spent a week in hospital.  He went in on a Thursday and we came out last Thursday after a week I will never forget, and I don't think he will either.

He was complaining of pain when he was walking on the Monday afternoon and after I had a look and dressed it as a Planter Wart, something they catch very easily from Public pools where they have swimming with the school.  The day after I sent him to school for crazy hair day and was called at Lunch time to collect him.
After looking at it and getting worried I took him off to the Drs who said it was just a blister killing whatever was inside.

My 11 year old was not one to complain but the sleepless nights he was suffering from was bad for both of us.  Hubby ended up taking him to his GP on the Thursday morning but by the time he go back home to me his foot was bad.  I will not put up a picture of what under his foot looked like but this was the top.
Swollen and starting to get very red on top.  Off to emergency and thats when the fun started. 5 days of IV antibiotics, two strong antibiotics for 3 days and surgery to remove all the crap on his foot.
It is not easy keeping an 11 year old boy happy when he cannot walk and is confined to bed with an IV but he did it and after a little scare that the infection was going up his leg. we knocked it on the head with surgery and 2 antibiotics.
Surely this child isn't in hospital lol
Before surgery, the blue line was there to make sure the red didn't spread.

 Morning after surgery, what a long night that was. He didn't go to theatre till 9.30pm and didn't come back to the room till 12.30am.
You do what you can to amuse yourself in hospital.
Playing a new game on the laptop while his brother is watching TV.

We still don't know exactly what caused this but he is on the mend now and we have two weeks off to take it nice and slow so he will be back in full force for the start of school next term.
If you made it thru this post thanks cause it was a very personal post one that we don't normally put on our little blog.

Stay Well

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I Love a Vintage Find

My oldest sister (Suz) sent Mr. J and Miss E each a birthday present recently and I must say they were very spoilt.  Mr. J hasn't stopped playing with his jungle set.

When Miss E opened her present, I immediately fell in love with these amazing vintage sewing cards.  I LOVE them and all their vintagey goodness!  I don't know how Suz does it, but she always manages to find the best bargains when she's out op shopping.

I know what we'll be doing tomorrow when the weather turns nasty on us again.  (Oh how I can't wait for spring to stay a little longer!)

Happy crafting!