Sunday, 15 July 2012

Melting crayons and a star!

We are just finishing our two weeks of winter holidays and have had a lot of fun with all sorts of crafty projects and a few day trips so I thought I would share one of our favorite projects from the holidays. Melted crayons are all over the Internet at the moment so I decided that we should have a go. Both boys did one but since I worked with Mr L we made it a lot bigger. I am also lucky enough to have a heat gun so we used that instead of a hair dryer.

We have brightened up the house with a few packets of crayons and a canvas or two.  Now hubby wants one for work and the dentist has asked for one as well.  At least they are fun and easy to make.

I also took some time out while my parents were staying to finish my star blocks and sew them together.  I am really happy with the results but need to make it a little bigger so will be adding a border on as well.  Maybe a thin red peeper first then a border.
Sorry about all the threads.  I realised I hadn't trimmed them off before I took the photo.
I have so many projects on the go at the moment I am looking forward to getting back to a bit more sewing.  I even have quilt tops finished that I need to sandwich and quilt. I dream of more space to spread out but I am pretty lucky to have a room to myself (well almost).

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Handmade Party Favours - 10 Inspiring Ideas

It's party season here at the moment.  My sons friends are all turning 4 and Mr. J's turn is coming up soon.  I have been in kids party planning mode and I'm loving it!

We have decided on the party theme (Ben 10), food and games but I'm yet to decide upon something to put in the party bags at the end of the day.  I know I want something that is handmade and budget friendly but that's where my mind goes blank.  I have done some Internet searching for inspiration and found a few good ideas.  Although I haven't finalized what I am going to make, my creative juices are certainly flowing.

Here are 10 of the handmade favors I found in my travels.

A Little Collage Bag - Lovely Design
Ninja Dolls - Craft Interrupted
Butterfly Snacks - Baked Bree
Noise Makers - Martha Stewart
Pencil Toppers - One Crafty Mumma!
Ribbon Rings - ikat bag
Wands - ikat bag
Monster Bookmarks - Tally's Treasury
Mushroom Pencils - Scissors, Paper, Wok
Beaded Bracelet - Mia's Craft Ideas